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Air Serbia looks to 2014

The launch of Air Serbia has undoubtedly been the biggest event in the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia in 2013. This time last year few could predict Etihad Airways would purchase a 49% stake in the debt ridden Serbian national carrier and relaunch it under a new brand. The airline’s CEO, Dane Kondić, says Air Serbia has achieved a lot since launching operations two months ago, on October 26. “In a short time we showed the world that Air Serbia is a dynamic and ambitious airline with a bright future. We have presented to the world the new identity of our brand, completely redesigned our offer and services, strengthened our sales and modernised the fleet”, Mr Kondić says. He adds, “We have also begun rebuilding our network, with our guests able to enjoy the benefits of a number of new destinations with favourable arrival and departure times”.

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Air Serbia, naconalna aviokompanija Republike Srbije, objavila je danas da je potvrđen dolazak deset aviona tipa Airbus nove generacije A320neo u njenu flotu. Ova kupovina, po cenovniku, vredi milijardu američkih dolara.

Posao koji je postignut za potrebe kompanije Air Serbia, objavljen na Dubai Air Show-u, deo je aranžmana kojim strateški partner Etihad Airways upotpunjuje potrebe za flotom od ukupno 117 aviona tipa Airbus.

Avion A320neo zameniće osam letelica A319 i dva A320, koji su trenutno uzeti u najam kako bi se postepeno zamenila stara flota od deset aviona tipa Boeing B 737-300.

Očekuje se da novi A320neo budu isporučeni između 2018. i 2020. godine.

Saopštenje o kupovini aviona Airbus A320neo usledilo je neposredno po prvom inauguracionom letu vazduhoplova A319 u bojama Air Serbia od Beograda do Abu Dabija, koji je obavljen 26. oktobra. Ugovor po kome je Etihad Airways stekao 49 procenata u kompaniji Air Serbia i njome će rukovoditi u periodu od pet godina objavljen je 1. avgusta.

Prema rečima generalnog direktora Daneta Kondića, Air Serbia ima za cilj da postane aviokompanija svetske klase i zato se ubrzano krenulo i sa uvođenjem većeg broja savremenih vazduhoplova tipa Airbus A319 i A320 u flotu, kako bi se što pre poboljšali kvalitet putovanja i usluga za goste nacionalne aviokompanije. Read the full story

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Air Serbia launch plans

Air Serbia has brought forward its launch date by one day and will now inaugurate operations on October 26. The airline is planning a major event in Belgrade that Saturday with the Air Serbia Airbus A319 to operate its maiden flight to Abu Dhabi. State officials as well as the Etihad Airways managing team will take part in the launch. Tickets have been put on sale to the general public for Air Serbia’s inaugural flight. Flight JU800 will leave Belgrade just after 17.00 CEST and will arrive in Abu Dhabi at 00.25. The Serbian carrier will use Etihad Airways’ dedicated terminal three at Abu Dhabi Airport.
In the week leading up to Air Serbia’s launch, the aircraft featuring the Air Serbia livery, its interior as well as crew uniforms will be revealed to the public. The newly refurbished sales offices, featuring the Air Serbia branding, will also be opened in Belgrade and throughout Serbia during that week. The airline’s hub, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, is also preparing for Air Serbia’s launch. Airport CEO Velimir Radosavljević says, “The airport is simultaneously carrying out several major investments in order to increase capacity and improve its services but also to fulfil the higher standards requested by Air Serbia”. He adds, Air Serbia will be the busiest carrier operating up to three major departure waves per day from the airport.

Meanwhile, the Serbian carrier has revealed the full list of destinations that will be served by its new Airbus A320s next summer. In addition to the already announced Skopje and Podgorica, the A320s will be utilised on flights to Larnaca, Amsterdam, Moscow and Paris. As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the airline will keep several Boeing 737-300 aircraft in its fleet over the summer, which are to be used exclusively for charter flgihts in a high density all economy class layout. Charter flights are one of Jat Airways’ most profitable sectors and Air Serbia plans on maintaining them. Furthermore, EX-YU Aviation News learns the airline will add another new destination next summer, its eighth, in addition to the previously announced Beirut, Budapest, Cairo, Kiev, Sofia, Varna and Warsaw.

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Jat gets new CEO Dane Kondić

The Jat Airways Joint Stock Assembly yesterday approved the endorsement of the Serbian government to name Dane Kondić as the new CEO and President of the airline, relieving acting CEO Velibor Vukašinović of his duties. Mr. Kondić, who will head Jat through its transitional period over the next month and a half before taking on the role of CEO of Air Serbia, has outlined the airline’s goals over the next few years, with the short term objectives being new aircraft and new routes as well as joint training, procurement, sales and marketing with Etihad Airways. Mr. Kondić (48), was born in Sydney to Serbian parents. He graduated economics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and started his career with Qantas before becoming the General Manager of Worldwide Sales for Malaysia Airlines. He subsequently moved to take on the challenge of managing a tour operator, and was heading the North Asia region for a major wholesaler, based in Hong Kong before taking up a position at Etihad Airways. Mr. Kondić becomes the first non political appointment to head the airline since the Jat brand was launched 66 years ago.

Dane Kondić air serbia

Velibor Vukašinović who served as Jat Airways’ acting CEO since May 8, 2013 can be credited for managing to return most of Jat’s fleet to the sky. Mr. Vukašinović took over the airline when only seven aircraft were in operation. By leasing a further four aircraft the airline is now operating a fleet of fifteen. During that time the carrier has seen its passenger numbers improve and losses reduce. In his farewell address yesterday to all of Jat’s employees Mr. Vukašinović said amongst other thing, “I would like to thank you all for your cooperation and the results we have achieved in very harsh conditions. It has been an honour and pleasure to lead such a group of professionals, excellent workers and even better people who have managed to save the Serbian national carrier despite all the wars, sanctions, bombing, poverty and bad political influences which have all deeply reflected on the airline. You should be proud that nothing could break your spirits and that every time the airline rose like the phoenix from the ashes”. Mr. Vukašinović wished Jat all the best in its next chapter.

As the official launch date of the rebranded Serbian national carrier approaches on October 27, the airline is preparing to put up for sale its first tickets according to its revised timetable. Yesterday the airline ran test by temporarily adding revised flight times, fares and equipment to global distribution systems such as Monastir for the summer of 2014 Today, Air Serbia is organising yet another round of crew casting and is also hiring in flight chefs as part of its new in flight dining concept.

Air Serbia has begun adding its winter 2013/14 flight schedule to global reservation systems and are now available for view. The flights will be added throughout the day today and tomorrow. Also added are new flights to Ljubljana, Bucharest, Banja Luka and Prague.

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Air Serbia Etihad Guest

Nakon obaveštenja o strateškom parterstvu sa Etihad Airways-om i obećanja da ćemo ponuditi još bolje uslove, usluge i veću fleksibilnost našim cenjenim i vernim putnicima, želimo da Vas obavestimo da će počevši od 28.10.2013. Extra Flight Club program biti u potpunosti integrisan u Etihad Guest program, Etihad Airways-ov renomirani program za nagrađivanje vernih putnika.


Taj datum označava prestanak Extra Flight Club-a kao takvog. Međutim, moći ćete da registrujete svoje kupone sa leta do 15.11.2013. i isti će važiti za Bonus karte do 31.12.2013. za letove do 30.10.2014.

Kao član Etihad Guest programa imaćete još više beneficija i bonusa, uključujući sledeće:

  • Brze nagrade – uz 1MileRedemption programsku opciju, letite jednom da biste odmah bili nagrađeni.
  • Nema perioda ograničenja za rezervacije – GuestSeats (“mesta za goste”) raspoloživa su na svim letovima, a ako je mesto slobodno, možete ga rezervisati.
  • Širok izbor – iskoristite sakupljene bodove za letove, proizvode i usluge u ekskluzivnoj Etihad Guest Reward Shop virtuelnoj prodavnici.
  • Miles +Cash – uz pomoć Miles +Cash programske opcije, možete iskoristiti bodove za letove kombinujući milje i novac na način koji Vama najviše odgovara. Čak ćete “zaraditi” milje na osnovu gotovine koju potrošite na letovima koji donose bodove.
  • Proširena mreža – iskoristite i “zaradite” milje na preko 3000 linija širom sveta na letovima Etihad Airways-a i njenih partnera, uključujući airberlin, Virgin Australia i American Airlines.
  • PointsPay – konvertujte sakupljene milje u novac koji možete trošiti na preko trideset miliona punktova širom sveta.

Takođe, kao član Etihad Guest programa, automatski stičete pravo da skupljate Etihad Guest Milje u celokupnoj Etihad Guest partnerskoj mreži širom sveta, koja obuhvata međunarodne lance hotela, rent-a-car kompanije i maloprodajne objekte, kao i na letovima 15 aviokompanija-partnera.

Pozivamo Vas da se, kao naš cenjeni klijent, učlanite u Etihad Guest program već danas kako biste mogli da počnete da skupljate Etihad Guest Milje na svim letovima Air Serbia-e od 28.10.2013. a na letovima Etihad Airways-a odmah. Učlanjenje je brzo, jednostavno i besplatno. Samo kliknite ovde da biste postali član ili da saznate više.


Od 28.10. možete sticati milje u okviru Etihad Guest program na letovima Air Serbia-e. Dovoljno je da navedete svoj članski broj u Etihad Guest program (Etihad Guest Number) prilikom rezervisanje mesta na letu Air Serbia-e i da pokažete Etihad Guest člansku kartu prilikom prijave na let. Broj milja na koje ćete steći pravo zavisiće od klase prevoza kao što je prikazano niže:


Molimo vas da sačuvate kartu i karte za ukrcavanje sve dok milje koje ste sakupili ne budu unete na vaš račun. Ako se to ne desi u roku od 6 nedelja, molimo vas da obavestite Etihad Guest uslužni centar (Etihad Guest Service Centre).

Nedostajuće milje mogu se preuzeti do 6 meseci od datuma putovanja.

Zahtevi za preuzimanje nedostajućih milja primaju se po isteku 14 dana od datuma putovanja.


Da bi iskoristili stečene milje za bonus putovanja na letovima Air Serbia-e, članovi moraju kontaktirati Etihad Guest uslužni centar najmanje 14 dana pre planiranog datuma putovanja. Rezervacije za bonus putovanja biće potvrđene u zavisnosti od raspoloživosti mesta. Obavezne takse, doplate i drugi troškovi navedeni na karti plaćaju se prilikom izdavanja karte.




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Air Serbia’s fleet takes shape

Air Serbia’s fleet is starting to take shape after the first, former Volaris Airbus A319, was painted and overhauled by Aero Turbine Aviation Solutions at Phoenix Goodyear Airport. The new look has been greeted with positive reviews from the public with Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić commenting that, “airserbiaThe aircraft looks great. I think you will see a completely new airline on October 27”. In addition to the already revealed livery design, the aircraft features a large red Air Serbia logo on the undercarriage. As EX-YU Aviation News exclusively learns, the aircraft has already received the Air Serbia interior and features eight seats in business class and a further 120 seats in economy. Unlike most European airlines, the business class section does not feature the same seats as in economy and offers a completely different product. The new cabins have been based around those of Etihad Airways and are set to give major European airlines a run for their money on their narrow body fleet.

Air Serbia’s first aircraft is thirteen years old. A further four have already been leased from Volaris, TACA International and TACA Peru. Air Serbia will present the aircraft to the Serbian and international press in Belgrade several days prior to the launch of the 2013/14 winter season. It is also set to put on a lavish show in Belgrade to launch the new look Serbian carrier in the week starting October 21. Read the full story

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Hundreds leaving Jat

Hundreds of Jat Airways employees have applied to voluntarily leave the airline in return for a redundancy package. According to the Jat Airways employee union, some 350 people, or 27% of its workforce, are leaving the Serbian national airline, the biggest number of employees ever to apply for voluntary leave from the company. Employees have been offered 300 euros for every year they have spent working for Jat. The deal is beneficial for those who have little time left until retirement.

jatcrewRedundancy packages have been offered to Jat Airways employees several times over the past thirteen years in an attempt to cut down on its workforce. Earlier this year redundancy packages were also offered, with only a handful of employees applying. However, since Etihad Airways purchased a minority stake in Jat, more have been willing to leave the airline. According to the takeover agreement between Etihad and the Serbian government, the government will cover the cost of the redundancy payout.

In a strongly worded statement, the Jat Airways employee union said, “We are witnessing another group of our colleagues leaving the company. Like many others before them no one has remembered to farewell them, thank them for their contribution, wished them good luck, given them a present on behalf of the company, even just a symbolic key ring from the departing Jat or the oncoming Air Serbia. Corporate culture? No, it is corporate arrogance, shamelessness”. The union goes on to say, “We hope and wish that this new airline which we are being promised is run by new people who know what a company is and who are its employees, what is a profit and what is a loss and why in a successful company there are happy employees. Because one without the other just doesn’t work”. According to Jat’s 2012 financial report, the airline has 1.298 employees.

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Done deal! Etihad takes over Jat Historic day for Serbian aviation

UPDATED  Done deal! Etihad takes over Jat  Historic day for Serbian aviation

News will have exclusive information from the Air Serbia employee briefing taking place later on today so make sure you visit this afternoon. In addition,  will have more details tomorrow at 09.00 CEST, including details regarding new routes, aircraft, branding, uniforms and much more.

New look Air Serbia
11.30: The takeover deal is signed. New Air Serbia livery includes the Serbian tricolour on the engines.

11.25: Danny Kondić now speaks, introducing himself and his long history in the aviation industry. “The aim is to transform Air Serbia into a stable, reliable and profitable carrier”, he says. In the next two years Air Serbia will be a stable company and will rationalise its business, Kondić adds. “Rebranding is taking place because of a new beginning. “New aircraft represent a new aim to improve quality. Air Serbia will be a commercial for Serbia itself. A completely new onboard product will be introduced. Air Serbia will cooperate with Etihad and its partner airlines”.

11.20: Etihad will take control of its stake in Air Serbia on January 1, 2014. There will be a total of twelve new routes this winter. Air Serbia will operate with two classes – business and economy.


11.15: Mr. Hogan speaks of Jat’s long history as a national carrier and he notes Etihad also has a five year takeover deal with Air Seychelles (as is the case with Jat).

11.05: Mr. Vučić is addressing the press and thanking all involved in making the takeover deal possible. “I can say we are becoming a regional leader without it sounding pathetic”, he adds. Special thanks goes to the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi. “I hope Air Serbia will be a profitable company”.

11.00: The conference has begun. Speaking at the conference will be Etihad CEO James Hogan, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, Air Serbia CEO Danny “Dane” Kondić. Attending the conference is also the Australian Ambassador to Serbia Dr. Helena Studdert.

10.55: No signage of any “Air Serbia” branding yet. Jat Airways and Etihad logo images are featured at the Crystal Hall at the Hyatt Regency Hotel where the conference is taking place.

10.50: The conference will start soon

09.45: Following dinner with Etihad Airways CEO James Hogan last night in Belgrade, Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said, “This is outstanding news. We have signed many agreements but this is one of the most important ones. We will get an airline which will have the status of being the best”.

09.20: Etihad Airways will brief all Belgrade based Jat Airways (Air Serbia) employees at the Hyatt Regency Hotel from 14.30 CEST. The new management team will present their plans for the carrier to employees.

09.15: Air Serbia will be launching fourteen new routes. EX-YU Aviation News has exclusively revealed eleven of them. By clicking on the links you can view the preliminary scheduling for some of the new route launches: Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Banja Luka, Cairo, Varna, Sofia, Budapest, Warsaw, Kiev and Prague.

Today, Etihad Airways will take over a 49% stake in Jat Airways and rebrand the carrier into Air Serbia. On behalf of Etihad Airways the takeover agreement will be signed by CEO James Hogan, on behalf of the Serbian government it will be signed by Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and on Jat’s behalf the agreement will be signed by outgoing CEO Velibor Vukašinović. Etihad will also take over Jat Catering and Jat’s handling division SU-PORT. Air Serbia, which will be launched today is not a new start up, instead, it is the legal successor to Jat Airways and will continue to use Jat’s international agreements, airport slots and its callsign and IATA designator. The new CEO of Air Serbia will be Danny Kondić, who has previously worked for Qantas Airways, British Airways and served as Malaysia Airlines’ Commercial Director.

✈ New aircraft ✈
Air Serbia will take delivery of two Airbus A319s by the end of the month. The two aircraft will feature the new Air Serbia branding and will be utilised on the airline’s busiest routes. Etihad Airways crew will be employed on the A319s until Jat’s own crew completes training. According to Mr. Vukašinović, twenty crew members have already been selected to undergo training. Air Serbia will soon open employment opportunities for 100 new cabin crew members. By the end of the year a further eight A319s will join the Air Serbia fleet. The aging Boeing 737-300s will be retired at the start of the 2013/14 winter season (which begins October 27). However, the aircraft will not be sold nor cut up and will remain in the ownership of the Serbian government. Etihad will launch talks with Airbus immediately following the takeover in order to renegotiate the order for eight A319s made by JAT Yugoslav Airlines in 1998.

✈ Dedicated terminal ✈
Eithad Airways and Air Serbia will use a dedicated terminal at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport from late October. Air Serbia will use Terminal 1 at Belgrade Airport in which Etihad will invest significant means in order to upgrade its facilities. The dedicated terminal will mean low cost airlines, which have so far used the building due to lower taxes, will have to move out.

✈ Investments ✈
Etihad Airways and the Serbian government have drafted four agreements which outline the investments which will be made by both the minority and majority shareholders of Air Serbia. The Serbian government will invest 100 million dollars into Air Serbia, mostly through writing off Jat Airways’ debt over the next three years. On the other hand, Etihad will invest 40 million dollars into Air Serbia in the next two weeks. A further 20 million dollars will be invested into Jat Catering and SU-PORT by 2016.

✈ New routes ✈
Air Serbia will launch fourteen new destinations this winter season. The airline plans to utilise its aircraft around the clock with flights departing both throughout the day and night. The airline is set to create two rush hours for its flights at Belgrade Airport – one in the morning and one just after midnight. The airline will be boosting frequencies on key routes and there will be several time changes compared to the existing timetable.

Finally, the Jat brand name will officially end its six decade long run today.

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Jat postaje AirSerbia

Vučić je na konferenciji za novinare rekao da će konačno uspešno biti rešen problem Jugoslovenskog aerotransporta i najavio promenu naziva u “Air Serbia”.

Jat najavio promenu naziva u AirSerbia

air serbia

Stručnjaci Etihada intenzivno analiziraju poslavanje Jat airwaysa, rekao je generalni direktor srpskog avioprevoznika Velibor Vukašinović.

Da bi moglo doći do rebrendiranja pisao je prošle nedelje vazduhopolovni portal Tango Six. Portal takođe, saznaje da će novi direktor Jata najverovatnije ipak biti Srbin ali nekontaminiran Jatom i srpskim načinom vođenja javnog preduzeća koje je u poslednje dve decenije marketinški bilo brendirano kao nacionalna avio-kompanija.

“Stručnjaci Etihada su intenzivirali aktivnosti u Jatu, nakon potpisavanja memoranduna o razumevanju. Jedan tim avikompanije iz Ujedinjenih Arapaskih Emirata je stalno u Jatu”, rekao je on agenciji Beta komentarišući pisanje medija da bi danas trebalo da bude saopštena odluka Etihada o strateškom partnerstvu u Jatu.

Vukašinović je rekao da Jat za održavanje saobraćaja koristi 11 aviona, ističući da se time približava broju od 14 aviona koji je optimalan za posao tokom leta.

Vlada Srbije i Etihad potpisali su 17. juna ove godine Memorandum o razumevanju, da bi unapredili razgovore o mogućem investiranju Etihada u Jat.

Etihad i Jat potpisali su 15. aprila ugovor o saradnji kroz zajedničke letove i prodaju karata, a Etihad ervejz je na osnovu tog dokumenta 15. juna uveo svakodnevne letove na liniji između Beograda i Abu Dabija.

Po oceni Vukašinovića, Beograd će postati regionalni centar zahvaljujući partnerstvu Etihada i Jata.

Etihad, jedna od najbrže rastućih aviokompanija u svetu, osnovana je 2003. godina u Ujedinjenim Arapskim Emiratima. Suvlasnik je avikompanija Er Berlin, Er Sejšeli, Virdžin Australija i Er Lingus, a u toku je preuzimanje indijske kompanije Jet Airways.

Etihad airways, nacionalna kompanija UAE, 2012. godine je prevezla 10,3 miliona putnika. U prvom kvartalu ove godine od prevoza putnika imala je prihod od 900 miliona dolara, što je rast od 19 odsto, od prevoza robe prihod je bio 193 miliona dolara, što je 17 odsto više nego u istom periodu 2012.

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, who is credited for initiating talks between Etihad Airways and Jat due to his friendly relations with the ruler of Abu Dhabi, has announced that the Serbian government has accepted Etihad Airways’ takeover proposal for Jat Airways. According to Serbian media reports, a takeover agreement could be signed as early as tomorrow in which case the Emirati national carrier would take control of Jat on August 1. An official signing ceremony will be held in ten to fifteen days in Belgrade. As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the proposed new CEO of Serbia’s national carrier, named by Etihad, has just arrived in Belgrade. According to Etihad’s takeover proposal, the airline will roll out the new Jat brand, along with a handful of new routes, on October 27.

A high ranking, three member, Etihad delegation arrived in Belgrade on Monday. The trio held talks with Jat Airways’ CEO and management on Monday followed by a meeting with the Serbian government on Tuesday. The delegation also payed a visit to Jat Catering and Jat’s ground handling division SU-PORT. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Serbia’s Deputy PM said, “I have good news for Serbia. I anticipate that we will soon solve the problem of Jat and sign a deal with Etihad. Rebranding will occur so we will all be proud of Air Serbia, which will be much more successful and better than Jat in every sense It is hard to imagine a better name than that. The name “Serbia” will be represented on all continents”.

According to the daily “Večernje novosti”, one of the proposed colour schemes for the rebranded Jat, to be named Air Serbia, is visible on the photo above as released by the newspaper. Thus, the Jat brand will disappear after 66 years. Air Serbia would serve as a successor to Jat, rather than a separate new company, taking over all of Jat’s assets, international agreements and codes as a result.

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Jat and Etihad in final takeover talks

Jat and Etihad in final takeover talks

Etihad Airways will today begin final takeover talks with Jat Airways as it looks to acquire a 49% stake in the airline. A three member delegation from the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates will arrive in Belgrade today where they will meet with the acting CEO of Jat Velibor Vukašinović. Furthermore, Etihad will hold talks with officials at Jat Tehnika, Jat Catering and SU-PORT (Jat’s ground handling division). In addition, talks will be held with Jat’s fuel provider NIS (The Petroleum Industry of Serbia). From June 15, Jat will begin selling Etihad Airways tickets to cities where the Serbian carrier will place its flight numbers. Tickets will also be available for purchase on Jat’s website.

According to the Serbian daily “Politika”, Etihad will take over the airline on July 1. However, it will officially begin running the carrier from September 1, following the end of the peak summer season. Due to a lack of aircraft, Jat’s summer is unlikely to be a success with a decrease in both passenger numbers and an increase in losses anticipated. In order to avoid being associated with negative trends, Etihad would take control of the airline from September. Etihad is to name its own CEO for Jat while the President of the airline will be named by the Serbian government, which will continue to hold a majority 51% stake. Mr. Vukašinović notes that talks with Etihad are progressing and are “excellent”.

Meanwhile, Jat’s fleet situation is improving after another Boeing 737 joined the fleet over the weekend following regular technical checks. The airline now has one Boeing 737-200, six Boeing 737-300s and two ATR 72s operating in its fleet with another ATR72 and B737-300 to join in two weeks. “We want to end the previous management’s practice of cancelling and delaying flights”, Mr. Vukašinović said to the “Tanjug” newsagency yesterday. He added, “Talks for the lease of two Airbus A319s from Adria Airways are in their final stages and we plan to lease a ATR72 soon”.

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