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Lufthansa Najjeftinije Avio karte

Beograd – Amsterdam od  169 €
Beograd – Ancona od  169 €
Beograd – Basel od  189 €
Beograd – Berlin od  169 €
Beograd – Bologna od  189 €
Beograd – Brussels od  189 €
Beograd – Catania od  169 €
Beograd – Copenhagen od  169 €
Beograd – Florence od  189 €
Beograd – Geneva od  209 €
Beograd – Genoa od  189 €
Beograd – Gothenburg od  189 €
Beograd – Hamburg od  189 €
Beograd – London od  169 €
Beograd – Malta od  169 €
Beograd – Milan od  169 €
Beograd – Naples od  189 €
Beograd – Nice od  189 €
Beograd – Oslo od  189 €
Beograd – Paris od  169 €
Beograd – Prague od  169 €
Beograd – Stockholm od  169 €
Beograd – Naples od  189 €
Beograd – Vienna od  189 €
Beograd – Zurich od  189 €
Beograd – Frankfurt od 99 €
Beograd – Minhen od 99 €
* cene sa SVIM taksama
Beograd – Njujork od 619 €
Beograd – Toronto od 659 €
Beograd – Majami od 739 €

Beograd – Čikago od 779 €

Beograd – Montreal od 829 €
Beograd – Los Andjeles od 869 €
Beograd – San Francisko od 909 €

Beograd – Dubai 499 €

Beograd – Johanezburg od 819 €
Beograd – Bogota od 1259 €

Beograd – Akra od 819 €

Beograd – Peking od 839 €
Beograd – Buenos Aires od 1229 €

* cene sa SVIM taksama

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Jat saga goes on

Airbus is threatening to take Jat to court after its offer to the government to finally settle the dispute with the airline went unanswered. Airbus is looking to resolve a 14 year old quarrel with Jat. In 1998, the Yugoslav government ordered eight Airbus A319s for its national carrier, a highly unfavourable and politically motivated deal worth 560 million dollars at the time. Despite a deposit of 23.5 million dollars, the aircraft were never delivered. The latest problem came last week after a draft Airbus proposal to the Serbian government was publicised. Airbus is now offering four A320s to Jat for delivery until 2015. Under favourable terms, the European plane manufacturer would be inclined to even deliver all four aircraft immediately from its stockpiles. However, even after eleven attempts to contact the government, the State Secretary for Aviation, Miodrag Miljković, member of the United Regions of Serbia Party, didn’t bother to answer.

The Serbian government formed a task group two years ago to resolve the issue. However, they have never even met up. The TangoSix portal reveals that Miljković, instead of bothering with the Airbus deal, is hard at work lobbying in the interests of Wizz Air and is actively seeking for the low cost airline to be granted a bigger share of the Serbian aviation market.

Since, the latest row hit the media, the government has been in damage control saying at first that such pressure from Airbus is unnecessary ahead of parliamentary and local elections which are to take place in the country this May. Later the government said it needs more time to study the draft proposal. It seems that once again a complete disinterest in Jat on the part of the ruling elite has been shown. Airbus has given the government until March 30 to respond, either it will take Jat to court.

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Government planning JAT Sale

The Serbian government is planning to privatise Jat Airways yet again, this time within the next two months before its four year term runs out. Parliamentary elections are to take place on May 6. Local media report that the government has agreed to sell a 50% stake in the airline to Serbia’s three most successful businessmen who are also the country’s richest. Local media report an equal share will be divided between Miroslav Mišković (owner of the Delta Group), Miodrag Kostić (owner of the MK Group) and Miroslav Bogićević (owner of Farmakom).

According to sources inside the government, the trio is prepared to invest 25 million euros into the airline while the government, which would continue to own a 50% stake in the carrier, would invest a further 25 million euros. Seven aircraft from Jat’s current fleet would be used, while a further three would be bought or leased. The new owners would also be prepared to put an end to Jat’s Airbus woes. Through this new arrangement the government plans for Jat to become profitable by 2015. It has also said a new professional management would take over. However, if the privatisation plan materialises many can expect to lose their jobs. It is projected that as many as 1.000 people would have to leave the airline, with the government preparing redundancy packages.

So far, there have been two attempts to privatise Jat, both ending in failure. The first attempt was made in the summer of 2008 just as the global economic crisis was gathering pace, while the aviation industry was already in trouble. Last year, the government tried to sell Jat again, this time trying to find a partner to set up a successor national carrier. Only Baltic Aviation Systems, which runs airBaltic, purchased the tender documents but shortly announced it had no interest in pursuing the purchase. Will it be third time lucky for Jat in the year it celebrates its 85th birthday?

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Jat airways red letenja

Jat airways red letenja

Beograd – Amsterdam – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Athens – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Berlin – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Brussels – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Copenhagen – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Dubrovnik – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Dusseldorf – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Frankfurt – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Girona – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Gothenburg – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Istanbul – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Larnaca – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – London – Heathrow – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – London – Gatwick – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Malta – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Milan – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Moscow – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Monastir – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Ohrid – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Paris – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Podgorica – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Pula – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Rome – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Sarajevo – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Split – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Skopje – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Stockholm – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Stuttgart – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Tel Aviv – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Tivat – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Thessaloniki – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Vienna – Jat Airways letovi
Beograd – Zurich – Jat Airways letovi

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New control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency has announced that it will finance the construction of a new control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Construction will begin next year and is set to be completed by 2014. According to the agency, the land on which the tower will be built has been selected and work on the project design is now in progress. The new tower will stand at 52 metres tall. The current air control tower, being used at Serbia’s busiest airport, was built back in 1962. In 2010 the multi million euro Air Control Centre was opened within the airport complex.

Meanwhile, Belgrade Airport continued to report growth in 2012. In February the airport welcomed 173.606 passengers, an increase of 6.6% compared to the same month last year when it handled 162.813 passengers. The airport was served almost by the same amount of flights – 2.988 compared to last year’s 3.010. In the first two months of the year, Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed 388.185 passengers through its doors, an increase of 13.7% compared to the same period last year.

This summer, Belgrade will see new Croatia Airlines flights to Split which replace Dubrovnik from last year, new flights from Copenhagen by Norwegian Air Shuttle, a 23% increase in flights from Jat Airways while Air One and Qatar Airways will also launch flights to the Serbian capital this summer season.

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Ex-YU airlines should unite

The Secretary General of the Association of European Airlines, Ulrich Schulte Strathaus, has told the Slovenian daily “Dnevnik” that in order for the national carriers of the former Yugoslavia to survive they will need to unite into a single airline. “The once single Yugoslav market is now fragmented and a regional solution is necessary. The region needs an airline that would cover local needs and connect with global hubs”, Strathaus says. He notes that he recently discussed the issue with Adria Airways’ management. “It would be great if Adria Airways, which has extensive knowledge of the Balkan market, were to initiate a regional summit which would be dedicated to this issue, however, due to political quarrels I doubt this could happen”, Strathaus adds.

The Association of European Airlines counts 34 members, mostly national carriers. Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways are all members. Montenegro Airlines also used to be a member of the association but mysteriously left after a few months. Strathaus believes that certain markets in the former Yugoslavia are too small to have their own national carrier. He notes that Serbia can’t find an investor for Jat, Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines are operating with mounting problems and that B&H Airlines will go bankrupt when Turkish Airlines ceases financing it.

Last year, an idea to unite the former Yugoslav aviation market was put on the table during talks between the Serbian government and Turkish Airlines. It was suggested that a regional airline, Balkan Airways, could serve as a national carrier for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. In September 2011, Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways reached an agreement over a common business plan model. The two airlines agreed to strengthen ties and cooperate on jet leasing as a means of improving efficiency and streamlining fleet utilisation.

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Jat Airways numbers going down

Jat Airways has seen its passenger numbers stumble for the first time in over a year as snow storms and numerous cancellations take their toll. This February Jat handled 62.289 passengers, down 9% on the same month last year. The number of flights operated in February 2012 fell 10%. During the month, numerous flights were cancelled to one of Jat’s busiest markets – Montenegro. As a result, passenger numbers fell 33% on services to Podgorica and Tivat. On Euro Mediterranean flights passenger numbers decreased 5%, while Jat handled 37% more passengers on charter flights compared to February 2011.

So far this year, Jat Airways has welcomed 137.197 passengers onboard, the same as last year. The average cabin load factor for the two months stood at 63%, which is six points ahead of the same period last year. Despite February 2012 having an extra day, as it is a leap year, the three busiest airlines of the former Yugoslavia saw their passenger figures decline. Adria Airways saw its numbers slump due to a decrease in the number of operated flights while Croatia Airlines and Jat were forced to cancel flights due to bad weather.

Meanwhile, Jat has announced that it will resume its seasonal services to Girona in Spain this summer. Flights will launch on June 5, twice per week, with a Boeing 737-300. The aircraft will have an all economy class layout with 126 seats. As a result, this summer, besides Girona, Jat resumes flights to Malta, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Ohrid and launches London Gatwick.

Month PAX Change (%) Average load factor (%)
JAN 74.908 ▲ 8 66
FEB 62.289 ▼9 63

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Croatian Airlines nova linija Split – Beograd – Split

Ove Letnje sezone Hrvatska Nacionalna Avio kompanije Croatian Airlines borit ce se nasprav Jat Airways na liniji Split Beograd.

Blizki izvori sa Croatian Airlines kaze da je Hrvatska avio kompanija Croatian Airlines podnela zahtev za dodelu licence (dozvole) leta u liniji Split – Beograd – Split od Direktorata Civilnog Vazduhoplostva.

Nova Linije Split – Beograd – Split ce zameniti proslogodisnju lenju liniju Dubrovnik – beograd – Dubrovnik.

Svi letovi u novu liniju Split – Beograd – Split ce se vrsiti koristici Avion Bombardier Dash 8 koji im 76 sedista.

croatian airlines

croatian airlines

Ove letnje sezone JAT Airways ce leteti dva puta nedeljno izmedu Beograda i Splita


Tokom 2011 dve kompanije JAT Airways i Croatian Airlines leteli su jedna pored druge na relaciji Beograd – Dubrovnik dva puta nedeljno.

Srpski nacionalni Avio prevoznik JAT Airways je prosecno prevozio 45 putnika na sa ukupno 66 sedista koliko ima avion ATR72

Dok je prosecan broj putnika koji su odabrali usuge Croatian Airlines bio oko 30 u avionom sa 76 slobodnih sedista koliko ima Bombardier 8 Dash.

Medjutim tokom pik sezone sva mesta za letove u relaciji Dubrovnik – Beograd – Dubrovnik su bili rasprodati.

JAT airways za relaciju Beograd – Split Beograd prodaje povratne karte izmedju 113 EUR i 130 EUR

Ove letnje sezone imat ce vise letova izmedju Srbije i Hrvatske (od vremena raspade Jugoslavije) ito na linijama izmedju Zagreba, Pule, Splita i Dubrovnika sa Beogradom.

Tokom 1980 linija Beograd – Dubrovnik – Beograd koja je bila izvodjena od strane JAT Airways (Jugoslovenski Aero Transport) bila je jedna od naj popularnijih relacija koju su poristili hiljadama putnika godisnje.


Zvanicne informacije leta Split – Beograd – Split

Flight number: OU336

Departure city: SPU (Split)
Departure time: 13.00
Arrival time: 14.05
Arrival city: BEG (Beograd)
Aircraft type: Dash 8
Day operating: 1—5———————————————————————————————

Flight number: OU337
Departure city: BEG
Departure time: 14.40
Arrival time: 15.45
Arrival city: SPU
Aircraft type: Dash 8
Day operating: 1—5–
jat airways

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Red Letenja

Red Letenja -Aerodrom Beograd

Flight Schedule – Belgrade Airport


Beograd PODGORICA 04:40 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 05:15 Austrian Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd FRANKFURT 05:55 Lufthansa Air Serbia
Beograd ROME 06:40 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd MUNICH 06:40 Lufthansa Air Serbia
Beograd PODGORICA 07:50 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd ISTANBUL 07:55 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 08:00 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 08:05 Austrian Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd AMSTERDAM 08:40 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd COPENHAGEN 08:45 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd PODGORICA 08:50 Montenegro Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd PARIS 09:15 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd LONDON HEATHROW 10:25 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd BRUSSELS – CRL 10:45 WizzAir Air Serbia
Beograd TIVAT 11:00 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 11:30 Flyniki Air Serbia
Beograd FRANKFURT 12:00 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd PARIS 12:35 Air france Air Serbia
Beograd DUBAI 12:40 FlyDubai Air Serbia
Beograd MOSCOW 12:55 Aeroflot Air Serbia
Beograd MUNICH 13:00 Lufthansa Air Serbia
Beograd MOSCOW 13:15 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd STUTTGART 13:20 Germanwings Air Serbia
Beograd FRANKFURT 14:10 Lufthansa Air Serbia
Beograd ATHENS 14:30 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd ZURICH 14:40 Swiss Air Serbia
Beograd ISTANBUL 14:45 Turkish Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 15:15 Austrian Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd TIVAT 15:45 Montenegro Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd ZURICH 15:50 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd GOTHENBURG-GSE 16:30 WizzAir Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 16:50 Austrian Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd MUNICH 16:55 Lufthansa Air Serbia
Beograd BUCHAREST 17:25 Tarom Air Serbia
Beograd PODGORICA 17:40 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd TORINO 18:00 Adria Airways Air Serbia
Beograd ROME 18:20 Alitalia Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 18:20 Austrian Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd ATHENS 18:45 Olympic Air Air Serbia
Beograd VIENNA 19:15 Flyniki Air Serbia
Beograd LJUBLJANA 19:45 Adria Airways Air Serbia
Beograd PODGORICA 19:50 Montenegro Airlines Air Serbia
Beograd ZURICH 20:00 Swiss Air Serbia
Beograd SARAJEVO 20:50 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd PODGORICA 21:00 Jat Airways Air Serbia
Beograd SKOPJE 21:40 Jat Airways Air Serbia

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Avio Kompanije

Adria Airways (JP) Beograd (air serbia)

“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminala 1 i 2 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 2286 457, +381 11 2286 458, +381 11 209 7457
Mob +381 60 7209 383, +382 67 209 383
E-mail | |
Web site ,

Aeroflot Russian Airlines (SU) Beograd (air serbia)

“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Knez Mihailova 30 11000 Beograd
Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 3286 064, +381 11 3286 071,
+381 11 3286 076, +381 11 209 7244
Web site

Air France (AF) Beograd (air serbia)

Knez Mihailova 30/II 11000 Beograd
“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 2638 222, +381 11 2286 481,
Web site

Alitalia (AZ) Beograd (air serbia)

Knez Mihailova 30/II, 11000 Beograd
Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 3245 000, +381 11 2286 232
Web site

Austrian Airlines (OS) Beograd (air serbia)

Terazije 3/III 11000 Beograd
Terminal 2 11180 Beograd 59
Rezervacije +381 11 3248 077
Web site

Aviogenex (AGX) Beograd (air serbia)

“Genex kula” Narodnih heroja 43 11070 Novi Beograd
Terminal 1, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 311 4077, +381 11 2286 111, +381 11 209 7840
Mob +381 63 225 086, +381 63 261 509
Web site

Flydubai (FZ) Beograd (air serbia)

Knez Mihailova 30, 11000 Beograd
Tel +381 11 328 2271
Web site

Germanwings (4U) Beograd (airserbia)

“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +353 01 6058 442, +381 11 209 4863
Web site

Jat Airways (JU) Beograd (airserbia)

Bulevar umetnosti 16 11070 Novi Beograd
“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 311 4222
Rezervacije +381 11 311 2123, +381 11 209 7207,
+381 11 2286 450 +381 11 311 3905, +381 11 2286 450
Rezervacije ,
Web site

LOT Polish Airlines (LO) Beograd (airserbia)

Topličin venac 19-21, 11000 Beograd
“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 2028 047, +381 11 2028 048
E-mail ,
Web site

Lufthansa German Airlines (LH) Beograd (airserbia)

Terazije 3/VII, 11000 Beograd
“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Rezervacije +381 11 3034 944
Web site |

Montenegro Airlines (YM) Beograd (airserbia)

Knez Mihailova 23/I, 11000 Beograd
“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
+381 11 2621 122, +381 11 3036 535, +381 11 3036 536
+381 11 2286 241, +381 11 209 7302,
Web site

NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH (HG) Beograd (airserbia)

Knez Mihailova 30/IV 11000 Beograd
“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 263 1327, +381 11 263 1091, +381 11 2286 423
+381 11 321 6888 Hotline Serbia
Web site

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (DY) Beograd (air serbia)

Terminal 2 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +47 67 593 000, +381 11 209 4863
Web site

Olympic Air (OA) Beograd (air serbia)

Knez Mihailova 30/IV 11000 Beograd
Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 3284 781, +381 11 2286 274
Web site

SkyWork Airlines (SX) Beograd (air serbia)

Knez Mihailova 30/II 11000 Beograd
Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 218 5616, +381 11 630 0980, +381 11 2286 400
Web site |

Swiss International Air Lines (LX) Beograd (air serbia)

Terazije 3/VII 11000 Beograd
Terminal 2 11180 Beograd
Rezervacije (+381 11) 3030 140
Web site

TAROM Romanian Air Transport (RO) Beograd (air serbia)

“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2, 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 209 4863
Web site

Tunisair (TU) Beograd (air serbia)

“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Nušićeva 8 11000 Beograd
Tel +381 11 3235 900, +381 11 3235 900
Web site

Wizz Air (WZZ) Beograd (air serbia)

“Nikola Tesla” Beograd Terminal 2 11180 Beograd 59
Tel +381 11 209 4863, +381 11 209 4863
Web site

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