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No slowing down for Belgrade

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has recorded its 25th month of consecutive growth, as the airport looks to end the year with a record numbers of passengers. Serbia’s busiest hub welcomed 267.354 passengers, 27.072 more than the same month last year or an increase of 11.3%. The airport recorded a total of 3.627 flights departing and arriving, up 4.3%. During the first four months of the year Nikola Tesla Airport saw 871.564 passengers pass through its doors, which is 100.911 passengers more than the same period last year.

Growth in April was fuelled by Jat Airways which had an exceptional month passenger wise. In a statement the airport says, “In the following months we expect to see significant growth in traffic. We predict that this year almost 3.5 million passengers will be registered at Belgrade Airport. With the airport celebrating its 50th anniversary it will mark a historic record”. Belgrade Airport’s busiest year was 1987, considered the golden year of Yugoslav aviation. During that year, the airport welcomed 3.311.951 passengers.

At some stage during this month Belgrade will surpass the one million passenger mark. Commenting on recent news that the world’s largest aviation handling company, Swissport, will soon begin operations at Nikola Tesla, the airport says that it looks forward to more competition and that the arrival of the handling giant will fuel even more interest from foreign airlines. It adds that it has already revised its handling prices in order to compete. Airlines will have the choice between three handling companies at the airport. Besides Swissport, at hand will be Belgrade Airport handling as well as SU-PORT, which is a Jat subsidiary.

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