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Air Serbia – winter 2013/14

Air Serbia is  today expected put on sale flights for its 2013/14 winter season, launching October 27, and the 2014 summer season, which begins on March 30 next year. The airline’s schedule and pricing should come into effect next week. Within the next few days tickets should be offered for sale via the airline’s website and the public Amadeus website. By launching its winter and summer season with promotional low fares, the airline hopes to attract new customers and put pressure on the competition.


As is outlined in the table below, Air Serbia will launch new destinations with flights to Abu Dhabi, Banja Luka, Prague and Bucharest this winter. From March 30, 2014, the Serbian carrier will inaugurate services to Beirut, Cairo, Kiev, Sofia, Varna, Budapest and Warsaw. Highlights in the 2013/14 winter schedule include double daily flights to Athens, Moscow, Paris, Podgorica, Vienna and Zurich. The airline is also considerably boosting frequencies on other destinations including Brussels, Tel Aviv, Stuttgart, Thessaloniki, Tivat, Stockholm and Copenhagen. In the table below, equipment changes have also been highlighted. Flights to Sarajevo, Skopje and Podgorica will all be upgraded from turboprop aircraft to the Airbus A319. As a result, one of the three daily flights to Podgorica (which operated  last season) will be discontinued.

Air Serbia has also changed flight numbers on all of its destinations with exception to London Heathrow. Furthermore, the airline has changed slots at most airports with exception to its traditional landing and departure times at London and Moscow. Airlines that will be particularly hit by the added competition include Olympic Air which will face a tough ask trying to shrug off the 21 weekly flights which will be offered between Belgrade and Greece by Air Serbia with jet engine aircraft this winter. Austrian will also see tough competition on its Varna service next summer. Thanks to a monopoly on the market, Austrian’s sky high prices from Varna will be in trouble especially since Air Serbia has timed its flights from the seaside town so as to connect on to its western European services from Belgrade. Furthermore, TAROM and Adria Airways will lose the monopoly on their respective services to the Serbian capital. Larger aircraft and the general hype surrounding the newly branded Serbian carrier will also force Montenegro Airlines to rethink its strategy to its busiest market.

Below you can view Air Serbia’s official winter timetable. It follows a long week during which Jat Airways and Etihad Airways worked around the clock to finalise the price structure and load the new flights into the system. All passengers which have already booked their tickets on Jat Airways/Air Serbia this winter will be informed of flight number changes and issued new tickets in the following weeks. Keep in mind that the frequencies shown for the winter 2012/13 season were those officially announced but, due to a chronic fleet shortage, the airline cancelled hundreds of flights.


estination Frequency
Change Equipment Remarks
Abu Dhabi 4 0 ▲ 4 A319 NEW, starts OCT27
Athens 14 6 ▲ 8 B737 (until NOV23)
A319 (from NOV24)
Amesterdam 7 7 B737 (until DEC21)
A319 (from DEC22)
Banja Luka 7 0 ▲ 7 ATR72 NEW, starts DEC01
Brussels 7 2 ▲ 5 B737/A319 A319 enters BRU service on selected days from DEC31
Berlin 7 4 ▲ 3 B737 (until NOV23)
A319 (from NOV24)
Bucharest 7 0 ▲ 7 ATR72 NEW, starts DEC09
Copenhagen 7 3 ▲ 4 B737/A319 A319 enters CPH service on selected days from OCT29
Dusseldorf 7 6 ▲ 1 B737 (until NOV23)
A319 (from NOV24)
Frankfurt 7 7 B737 (until DEC28)
A319 (from DEC29)
Istanbul 7 4 ▲ 3 B737 (until DEC28)
A319 (from DEC29)
Larnaca 4 2 ▲ 2 B737 (until NOV15)
A319 (from NOV17)
7 7 B737 (until DEC07)
A319 (from DEC08)
Ljubljana 7 0 ▲ 7 ATR72 NEW, starts DEC09
Milan 7 4 ▲ 3 B737/A319 A319 enters MXP service on selected days from DEC10
Moscow 14 7 ▲ 7 B737 (one daily flight until NOV29)
A319 (from OCT27)
both flights with A319 from NOV30
Paris 14 7 ▲ 7 B737 (until NOV16)
A319 (from NOV17)
Prague 7 0 ▲ 7 ATR72 NEW, starts DEC01
Podgorica 14 21 ▼ 7 ATR72 (one daily flight)
B737 (until NOV16)
A319 (from NOV17)
Rome 7 5 ▲ 2 B737/A319 A319 enters FCO service on selected days from DEC08
Sarajevo 7 7 ATR72 (until DEC08)
B737 (DEC09 – FEB28)
A319 (from MAR01)
Skopje 7 7 ATR72 (until NOV30)
B737 (DEC01 – DEC21)
A319 (from DEC22)
Stuttgart 7 3 ▲ 4 B737 (until NOV30)
A319 (from DEC01)
Stockholm 7 3 ▲ 4 B737 (until DEC22)
A319 (from DEC23)
Tivat 11 7 ▲ 4 ATR72
Tel Aviv 7 2 ▲ 5 B737 (until NOV30)
A319 (from DEC01)
direct flight, no longer stops in LCA
Thessaloniki 7 3 ▲ 4 B737 (until NOV09)
A319 (from NOV10)
Vienna 14 14 ATR72
Zurich 14 7 ▲ 7 B737 (until NOV09)
A319 (from NOV10)

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