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Air Serbia to acquire A320s

Air Serbia will introduce two Airbus A320 aircraft to its fleet at the start of the 2014 summer season. The airline will acquire the two jets through a financial lease and they will join the carrier’s fleet of eight Airbus A319s and four ATR72 turboprops. The new aircraft will enter service on March 30, 2014 and will initially be deployed to Paris, Skopje and Podgorica. The arrival of the A320s will also mark the retirement of the entire Boeing 737-300 fleet which includes Europe’s first B737.

Meanwhile, Air Serbia’airserbias A319 fleet is taking shape with the first aircraft to be delivered on October 21. The most recent acquisition includes the lease of a former Kingfisher jet which has been stored in Istanbul since the airline’s demise. The A319s will be entered into the Serbian register as YU-APA and onwards (YU-APB, APC etc.). The Kingfisher aircraft, the third to be leased, is now being painted into the airline’s corporate livery in Dublin. Air Serbia’s first set of newly employed cabin crew members and in flight chefs will begin their formal training for the aircraft next week in Belgrade, while the forty Jat Airways pilots which have been undergoing training in Dusseldorf and Berlin are set to return to Serbia.

Starting October 28, Air Serbia will introduce its new frequent flyer program in cooperation with Etihad Guest Miles. Passengers will be able to earn Etihad Guest Miles when travelling with both Air Serbia and Etihad. “By integrating the frequent flyer program, Air Serbia passengers will be able to earn Etihad Guest miles points through the booking systems of both the national carrier of Serbia as well as the United Arab Emirates, meaning they will be able to earn and use their points worldwide”, Dane Kondić, Air Serbia’s CEO commented yesterday. Passengers using Jat’s current Extra Flight Club frequent flyer program will be able to redeem their points for travel until October 2014 and will be invited to join the new Guest Miles program. In addition, Etihad Holidays will soon take control over Jat Airways’ own leisure division “Air Lift”. Once a major tour operator in Serbia, Air Lift has gone into oblivion since its separation from Jat’s mainline business several years ago under the orders of the government.

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