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Air Serbia begins ticket sales

Air Serbia has begun selling tickets for its 2013/14 winter season after loading most of its scheduling changes in global distribution systems. The airline, which will inaugurate flights to Abu Dhabi, Banja Luka, Bucharest, Ljubljana and Prague this winter, has begun advertising the new services in the country’s three leading newspapers. In addition, radio, public billboard and Internet advertisements are soon to follow. However, the schedule is still being tweaked and old Jat Airways flights removed. Compared to its preliminary schedule published by EX-YU Aviation News two weeks ago, Air Serbia will move its Istanbul operations from Ataturk to Sabiha Gokcen Airport on a temporary basis. As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the last minute change occurred after the Serbian carrier was unable to secure new slot times at Istanbul’s main airport Attaturk. Other services will see a significant boost in frequencies compared to last winter season.
Air Serbia has launched a promotional ticket sale, offering flights to its new destinations at discounted prices until March 2014. Tickets at these prices can be purchased until the end of September. Furthermore, the airline’s website is also to be launched in the coming period at and All passengers who have purchased tickets on former Jat Airways flights this winter will be reissued with new ones in the next few days. Tickets can also be purchased for the summer of 2014 with further frequency increases taking place such as the introduction of a second daily flight to Sarajevo and daily flights to Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, a second Air Serbia A319 has received the new corporate livery and interior at Phoenix Goodyear Airport. The carrier’s CEO, Dane Kondić, says a total of six Airbus A319s will join Air Serbia by the end of the year with a further two joining by the start of the 2014 summer season. The airline will further expand its fleet in 2016 and is considering purchasing A320Nneos, B737 MAX and Bombardier CS300 series aircraft. Mr. Kondić confirmed earlier reports by EX-YU Aviation News that the carrier’s Airbus fleet will have the capacity to seat 128 passengers – eight in “luxurious” business class and 120 in economy.

In his first address to Jat Airways/Air Serbia employees as CEO, Mr. Kondić said among other things, “Today is the start of a rewarding yet challenging journey for Air Serbia. It will be rewarding because we will succeed in building the leading airline in the region. I have no doubt that we will impress everyone, including ourselves, when we stand back in twelve months to look at what we have created. More importantly, we will have worked as a team. We will have used all our skills and expertise to find solutions for all the challenges along the way. We are building a performance-based culture where people are accountable for their responsibilities and recognised for their achievements. It is challenging because we need to think and work differently in order to get different and better results for the organisation. And it is challenging because we will need to deal with, and exceed, very high expectations of our guests, and the community”. Air Serbia launches official operations on October 27.

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